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Rubber Surfacing is a methodology that has been around for tens of years. The
applications are developing one after another, and now we can see it not only in
Play Grounds or Day Care functional areas, but also on Driveways, Walkways,
Stairs, Door Steps, Patios, Decks, Walk Trails, Running Tracks, Sports courts,
Gym Rooms flooring, and many others.

Rubber surfacing, (or as sometime we like to call it Rubber Paving), is based on
recycled tires rubber crumb, EPDM rubber, or blend of both, mixed with a
proprietary binding agent according to a strict mixing formula and applied
according to a specific engineered thickness. The use of different coloring ratios
adds attractiveness to the several other advantages of this technology.
Rubber Surfacing is durable, stable, affordable, practical, resists cracking, and
retains exceptional performance characteristics, especially in our Canadian
climatic conditions.
Our surfaces are becoming so popular because they are safe, accessible, easy
to clean, offer a wide range of color options and design possibilities. They are
super fun to walk, run, and play on.

RubberSurf Operations cover both the Atlantic region and Ontario Province. Our
Halifax, NS office serve Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island PEI,
and Newfoundland and Labrador NF. The Cambridge, ON office serves the
Ontario province, mainly covering Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington,
Richmond Hill, Hamilton, Cambridge, and Waterloo areas.
We stock around 24 base colours, which once custom blended in different
percentages, turn into 100s of colouring options presented to match any taste or

“Scrap tire should not be seen as a waste material to be disposed of. Scrap tires should be viewed as a resource to be managed for the benefit of the Environment, the community, and the economy. The true recyclers, who deserve all the credit, are our customer"

Shane Olson, President, Shercom Industries Inc.

“We partnered with the best in the industry. It is time for Shercom and RubberSurf to join forces and expand the ‘true’ recycling of tires east. Together we can make our country a better place, one tire at a time”

Ray ElShanti, Managing Partner, RubberSurf

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